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Managing Migraines

I have suffered from migraines for as long as I can remember. All you want to do is climb into bed, blackout all the light and wake up once it’s over. You honestly don’t know whether you want to throw up, pass out, cry hysterically or run away from the pain. I pretty much want to do all 4 simultaneously. I don’t think its something that has a magic cure, well at least not from my experience, but you can definitely handle it better.


Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety is when you feel everything, it’s debilitating and you feel a constant heaviness in your mind. Anxiety feels like your mind is on fire, you overthink everything and your mind is constantly telling you that everything is a disaster even though everything may be fine. It feels like your thoughts are running rampant in …


Let’s talk about “stress” baby!

Have you ever felt that overwhelming state of mind? That feeling that can make it hard to think, perform or even breathe. I might go onto a stage full of people and find it hard to breathe, but for someone else that would be a breeze. People can feel and respond to stress in different …


Lights off, brain on – insomnia treatment

Insomnia is a reasonably prevalent sleeping disorder. Insomnia can mean the failure to fall asleep (onset insomnia) or to stay asleep (maintenance insomnia). Sleep deficiency can significantly decrease one’s quality of life, but may also increase the risk of various health problems such as anxiety, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. Acute insomnia can persist for several …


Dealing with Depression

We are currently living in a world that will never be the same ever again. Covid-19 has taken the world by storm, and not in a good way. There are some of us who are blessed to be isolated from the world with our loved ones but others who are completely alone. Everyone in the …

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