Stress is one of our bodies main enemies. What’s scary is that we often don’t recognise the signs of stress before its too late. We are then vulnerable to becoming crippled by the emotional, mental and physical effects of stress. We need to somehow find balance, this means returning the bodies energy to a healthy state.

Hot stone massage is based upon Sweedish massage along with heated and cooled stones which are applied to the body. This helps to relieve stiff and sore muscles, alleviation of pain and helps to relax the mind. These stones are glided over ones muscles in order to cause heat and friction. This form of massage therapy creates a positive energy, sense of balance, energising and peace. When using stones, your massage therapist is able to reach deeper into the muscle allowing for a deeper massage pressure. These stones help to increase blood circulation and remove toxins from one’s muscles. Studies have shown that if the skin is stimulated with touch, endorphins are released which are likened to painkillers and antidepressants.

Why would I benefit from Hot Stone Massage?

Deep relaxation
Improves the texture of the skin
Improves waste removal from the body
Aids in the removal of lactic acid
Reduces fibrosis
Relieves stiff and sore muscles
Detoxifies the body
Stimulates blood circulation
Deeper treatment of the muscles

It is not advisable to have a hot stone massage if you suffer from the following:

Any skin conditions which are triggered by moisture or heat
People suffering from systemic illness which affects circulation
Anyone with autoimmune diseases
Acute HIV/AIDS or cancer
Loss of skin sensation
Recent scar tissue
Heavy bruising

Winter is coming, and what better time than to go for a rejuvenating and relaxing hot stone massage! Only once lockdown is over that is. I just added to your post lockdown to-do list, you’re welcome! Treat yo-self!